Growth Marketing Framework

Marketers typically start with the channel they are best at. But you need to expand your marketing channels to reach your audience.

These templates will provide you with the framework I used to help companies identify their best growth channels and scale their business rapidly by testing and measuring new channels and scaling the ones that work. Download them today.

What's In The Templates

A step-by-step framework to help you build, execute, and measure your growth marketing strategy.

Step 1 - Identify your ideal customer
Step 2 - Map out their customer journey
Step 3 - Identify growth opportunities
Step 4 - Run experiments and track the results
Step 5 - Scale the experiments that work

What is Broca

The Central Platform For Your Content Needs

Content marketing is at the core of every effective marketing strategy. However, creating and maintaining content is a time-consuming, manual, and often complex process. Broca uses AI to deliver consistent, high-quality content at scale.

Drive more ROI
Drive More ROI

Create better content that drives results. Our AI learns from you and builds on winning content

Empower your team
Empower Your Team

Cut out the time-intensive work and empower your marketing team to think bigger

Get to market faster
Get To Market Faster

Create content in seconds to launch more effective campaigns, faster. What's not to like?