ZoomShift Scales SEO with Broca

ZoomShift is an employee scheduling tool for small business owners such as hospitality, restaurants, and others.

Read how they scale their content marketing with Broca.


Increase in blog content produced each week.

10 Hours

Saved every week creating blog posts.

5 Hours

Saved every week creating social media content.

“Broca has been an amazing tool for coming up with blog outlines and improving efficiency on scheduling content for social media.”
Sam Molony
Marketing, ZoomShift

An SEO-Heavy Approach

ZoomShift depends heavily on organic traffic to generate new leads and sales. Companies searching for employee scheduling tools and similar keywords are extremely likely to convert to customers. ZoomShift aims to be at the top of Google Search rankings to capture this audience.

To do this, they have a very methodical SEO approach. They start with keyword research and have a list of keywords they want to rank for. They track these rankings each week to see whether their efforts are paying off and where they need to focus.

For each keyword they track, they analyze what's currently ranking and reverse-engineer those links. This helps them understand what they need to do to create content to beat that.

Based on this analysis, their team of freelance writers create a blog post and then they set to work promoting it.

A post on the ZoomShift blog

Scaling This With Broca

As you can imagine, this is a pretty long process, starting from keyword research to reverse-engineering high-ranking content, to producing their own and then promoting it. This whole process takes them a couple of weeks for just one post.

To help them scale this, they turned to Broca. For starters, they us use to create blog outlines. They feed in the keywords they're targeting, and a blog title and description.

Enter a title and description of the blog post you want. Include keywords you want to rank for.

Broca will then generate its own blog outline based on this. Our AI has been trained on best practices for ranking on Google, so the outlines are already optimized for search.

They then send these outlines to their writers. Now, the writers have more content to start with, allowing them to turn around content much faster. In just the first week, they created two blog posts. That's a 400% improvement in output!

Broca generates a blog outline, allowing to write blog posts much faster!

Promoting The Blog Articles

Creating an article is one part of the equation, but what about promoting it? Most companies, including ZoomShift, spend hours writing content for social media to promote their blog. This is so time consuming, that it becomes very tough to continuously promote older content, meaning they're eventually forgotten.

After creating the blog outline, Broca also generates multiple variations of promotional content for that blog post across different social media channels. The best part is, every post created is unique. That means you can promote the same article multiple times on, say, LinkedIn, and never repeat yourself. The AI finds new and interesting ways to describe that article to capture people's attention.

ZoomShift can now get full value out of their articles instead of letting them collect dust after a couple of social media promotions. In just 15 minutes they're able to create enough social content to last them a month!

After creating your blog outline, Broca also creates corresponding promotional content for your social media

Try It Yourself

If you're publishing a lot of content to your blog, you want to make the most of that investment. Using Broca you can instantly generate dozens of social media posts, and promote your blog articles for months, even years, to maximize its value. Try it for free today!

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