SuperVisas Scales Social Media with Broca

SuperVisas is a platform that helps people prepare, review, and submit visa applications. They’re currently working in Canada but looking to go global and help people all over the world make their migration process much easier.

Read how they scale their social media marketing with Broca.


Increase in social media content.


Increase in social media traffic to their site.

5 Hours

Saved every week creating social media content.

“Broca saves us so much time, and the quality of the generated content is as good as what our team would write.”
Joe Chen
Co-Founder, SuperVisas

An Inbound Marketing Approach

SuperVisas depends heavily on their inbound traffic with over 75% of their customers coming from this channel. Being in the visa and immigration space, they realized they needed to build trust and credibility in their market.

To do this, they have a unique approach. They work with experts in the industry to create highly specific blog posts that answer a variety of questions around the immigration process. If you've ever had to get a visa, you know that finding information around that online in an easy to consume manner is extremely tough.

By publishing well-researched and detailed articles on every aspect of visas and immigration, SuperVisas is establishing themselves as the go-to resource and trusted provider.

Promoting Blog Content

To get people to read their content, SuperVisas relies on their social media. Because they put so much effort into creating an article, they want to maximize the amount of traffic each one receives.

To do this, they need to keep promoting that content on social media. However, it's easier said than done. It takes a lot of work to go back to older posts and come up with a new angle to promote it on social media. Most companies publish a couple of posts on Twitter and LinkedIn and leave it at that.

SuperVisas blog articles
SuperVisas blog posts

Scaling Social Media With Broca

SuperVisas only has one full-time marketer on the team, a situation common amongst most startups. It's near impossible to continuously create social media content to promote older posts, while also promoting new posts, editing blog content, and doing all the other marketing activities on their plate.

So they turned to Broca. Our AI has been trained on best practices for promoting blog content on social media. It's just one of many use cases of our platform.

All they have to do is drop in one of their articles and Broca will instantly create multiple pieces of social media posts across different channels.

To do that, they simply create a new campaign and enter the Title and Description of their blog post in the brief.

Broca brief to describe blog post
Tell us about your blog post in the brief

Broca will then generate its own blog outline based on this. This is great if you haven't written the blog post already.

However, if you have, simply copy and paste the title and introduction paragraphs from your existing post into the title and description sections shown here. You can ignore the other fields.

If you already have an article written, feel free to ignore what Broca generates and use your existing content instead.

Finally, Broca generates multiple variations of promotional content across different social media channels. The best part is, every post created is unique. That means you can promote the same article multiple times on, say, LinkedIn, and never repeat yourself. The AI finds new and interesting ways to describe that article to capture people's attention.

SuperVisas can now get full value out of their articles instead of letting them collect dust after a couple of social media promotions. In just 15 minutes they can generate dozens of social posts and queue them up for every day of the week!

SuperVisas social media posts after using Broca
SuperVisas can now create highly engaging social media content on a daily basis

Try It Yourself

If you're publishing a lot of content to your blog, you want to make the most of that investment. Using Broca you can instantly generate dozens of social media posts, and promote your blog articles for months, even years, to maximize its value. Try it for free today!

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