Campaigns from ideation to distribution

Campaigns helps marketers create and manage campaigns, from ideation to content generation and distribution.

Whether you’re launching a new product, driving traffic to your website, or promoting a new feature, Campaigns helps you generate more traffic, leads, and sales with our AI-powered content engine.

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WHY Use Broca

Launch Smarter Campaigns

Automate the process of creating, managing and delivering marketing campaigns.

Create Better Content

Generate more traffic, leads, and sales by taking advantage of our AI-generated content.

Ensure Consistency

Produce content for every channel while maintaining a consistent message.

Get to market faster
Launch Faster

Create and manage entire campaigns at a faster pace than ever before.

Step 1

Give Us A Campaign Brief

Launching a new product or promoting a webinar? Start by describing your campaign and where you're driving traffic to. A couple of sentences is all we need!

Step 2

Generate Core Messaging

Broca takes your campaign brief and turns that into core messaging. It generates a catchy headline, a compelling value proposition, and three key benefits. Collaborate with your team to edit and confirm this core message.

Step 3

Create Promotional Content

Broca takes the core messaging and turns it into promotional content such as ad copy, social media posts and emails. This ensures that the content is consistent across all your channels and the full funnel.