Sid Bharath
May 10, 2021

Product Marketing On Steroids: Rapidly Generate Messaging Variations

In 2019, Denny Hollick was working at a digital bank and was tasked with marketing their loans product.

Loans may be necessary but, let's face it, people hate them and they're a nightmare to market.

But Denny is a smart marketer. He realized that he just needed to position their loans in a different way. With the right messaging, their customers would respond favorably.

So Denny and his team came up with 5 different ways to describe their loans. Instead of actually calling them loans, they described them as a product to help people level up, or to continue their education, or something else. 

Upon testing out the 5 variations, they found that one resonated incredibly well with their audience. While the rest barely got a response, this one had a conversion rate of 25%. That’s a massive win!

Unfortunately, this whole process took his entire team more than a month and was extremely painful. For each product variation, they had to create a different landing page, test that with a different audience, get feedback, iterate, and so on.

In fact, just coming up with those initial variations was incredibly hard. As a marketer reading this, you probably know that this is how you should be marketing your products but you just don’t have the time or resources to do that.

Until now, that is. In this blog post, we show you how Broca rapidly generates multiple product variations using AI. What took Denny and his team multiple weeks could take you just a few days!

Start Testing Your Product Messaging

With Broca's AI you can rapidly generate dozens of different product messages to see what works best and results in sales.
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Create Product Description Variations

Denny and I recorded a video to show how this entire process works. 

We use a real example for a company called Pavlok. They’re a wristband that gives you a mild shock (it feels like a light pinch) when it detects that you’re about to do a bad habit, like smoking. The whole idea is that it snaps you out of doing things that you shouldn’t be doing.

It’s a fascinating product with a ton of benefits. But, sometimes great products don’t sell themselves. You need to find the right way to describe them so that people will take notice.

Broca can generate these descriptions for you based on a campaign brief you give it as an input. 

You start by creating a new campaign and let Broca know you’re promoting a product. You want to think of multiple angles for your product, and create a different campaign for each angle.

The angle we took for this video was focusing on how Pavlok helps you stay present. We fed a bare-bones brief into Broca to see what it would turn that into.

And we were extremely impressed with what came out. In seconds, Broca generated landing page content that started with the tagline - “The truth is, you’re not living your best life.”

That’s powerful stuff! Broca also generates value propositions and key benefits that go into the hero section on your site and fill out the rest of the page. You can also re-generate this content to see what else it comes up with and mix and match to create a compelling story.

And that’s just one angle for your product. You can repeat this process with other angles for the same product until you have multiple variations to describe and position it.

Each variation goes on a different landing page so you can track conversion rates. At Broca, we use Webflow but some other good options are Unbounce and Instapage.

Test Each Variation

Broca doesn’t stop at creating your product messaging and landing page content. It also goes on to generate corresponding content for your ads and social media.

That way you can actually test out each variation to see what works best.

To start with, Broca gives you 5 variations each of Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram posts. You can always generate more using the ‘More like this’ button.

All this content is consistent with each other and with the product messaging from the previous step. Copy it and promote it on your social media to see what’s working. Remember to promote each landing page you set up in the previous step equally.

You can directly promote each page on your social channels or queue them up using tools like Hootsuite, Later or Buffer. Alternatively, there are user testing services like UserTesting and Wynter that put your pages in front of a panel to give you real customer feedback.

When you find a messaging that works, make that your new product description on your website!

Try It Yourself

Whether you’re a software company, eCommerce, or digital goods and services business, everything you sell needs to be positioned in the right way. And it’s only by testing multiple variations of messaging that you can find what that is.

In Broca you can instantly create these different product descriptions by starting multiple campaigns. In each campaign, try out a different angle when describing the product in the brief.

In seconds, Broca will generate product messaging based on that angle. Feel free to re-generate and see what else it comes up with. You can always mix and match different outputs to create your landing page.

When you’re satisfied, you can move on to creating promotional content. This is what goes on your ads and social media for each campaign. So not only do you get multiple product message variations, you also get corresponding promotional content to put those variations in front of your audience and see which one works best.

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