Sid Bharath
April 2, 2021

April Fool's 2021 Campaigns, Generated by AI

I've always loved watching the funny pranks companies pull on everyone during April Fool's Day. My favorite one is Sodastream's Heavy Bubbles campaign featuring The Mountain of Game of Thrones fame.

Last year, in 2020, April Fool's was a bit muted for obvious reasons. But it looks like this year brands have come out with some new campaigns. Jack Links came out with a jerky scented cologne, the Canadian Space Agency found a pile of socks on Mars, and Lego came out with SmartBricks that automatically move away when you're about to step on them (which, let's be honest, we'd all pay for).

If you can come up with something really funny, it can go viral and make for a great marketing campaign. However, not every company has the time, resources, or budgets to do it.

Until now, that is! Here at Broca we've developed an AI platform that generates content for your marketing campaigns, so we decided to put it to creating April Fools Day campaigns for some of our favorite fellow SAAS companies!

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Shopify Assists

To help entrepreneurs get through their day, we're announcing Shopify Assist, a new service that allows entrepreneurs to get help from real human beings on demand.

It seems like Shopify is slowly taking over the world. They give you the tools to sell products online and collect payment. Shopify Capital launched recently to help businesses with loans. And they're buliding out a Fullfilment Network to take care of your logistics.

So the new Shopify Assists program that Broca created for them is honestly not a bad idea. A service that helps entrepreneurs hire an assistant to help them with every day tasks? Sign me up!

Shopify Assists - a new service that allows entrepreneurs to get help from real human beings on demand.

Hubspot Keyboard

That's right, we're going hardware. Our marketing team is proud to introduce the Hubspot Keyboard.

Having built software that's got everything for marketers, it only makes sense that Hubspot would move into hardware.

It's not self-aware, it doesn't have AI, and it won't dedupe your data. Then again, the software doesn't either. But it will take your productivity to infinity and beyond. It's the only natural way forward.

Hey Hubspot, since we came up with this idea, do we get a percentage of profits?

It may not have AI, it doesn't dedupe your data, but it's a keyboard with one button that does everything for you. What more do you need?

Stripe Delivers

When you need something delivered, don't waste time driving to the store. Instead, let Stripe deliver it from any merchant you choose.

If Stripe had actually announced this on any other day than April Fool's Day, I may have believed it. Think about it, their mission is to increase the GDP of the internet. If that means helping their merchants deliver their goods, then why not!

Besides, isn't every company trying to solve the last-mile delivery problem these days?

Stripe Delivers - get anything from any merchant delivered to you by Stripe!


Introducing ZoomWine, the new virtual wine experience. It's fun, it's social, and it's instantly delivered to your computer.

Wine that's instantly delivered to your computer based on the number of people you're on a Zoom call with. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Seriously though, it's been over a year since the pandemic began and if you haven't experience Zoom fatigue by now, you have immense mental strength. ZoomWine may be an AI-generated prank but it's something we all need and maybe Zoom should seriously look into it.

ZoomWine - the only way to combat Zoom fatigue.

JiraWater by Atlassian

JiraWater is the first SCRUM tool to work in tandem with SCUBA gear. It tracks the progress of software development projects entirely underwater.

I've always felt companies were too biased against SCUBA divers. Can you think of any software that works under water? I can't!

JiraWater may be an AI-generated joke but when Jira is used by every dev team on land, what's next for them?

JiraWater - The world's first underwater SCRUM implementation, brought to you by Atlassian

The Brand New Webflow Interface

Today we're introducing a complete overhaul of the Webflow interface. In short, we've added more buttons.

I burst out laughing when Broca's AI generated this. You'd find it funny too if you spent as much time in Webflow as I do.

To be honest, I'm writing this post in Webflow right now and it could use a bit more color.

A brand new Webflow interface, now featuring more buttons!

Zendesk for Spammers

Zendesk's new product, Zendesk for Spammers, is designed to help spammers get the most out of your inboxes.

As a spammer myself (aka marketer) I actually would like this product to be built. How else am I supposed to send you the hottest deals from Broca and latest catchphrases (AI AI AI AI AI). By writing an entertaining post to attract you and then directing you to the sign up for our AI-powered content marketing platform? Please.

Keep your inbox full of the hottest deals and catchphrases with Zendesk for Spammers.

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