Our Story

Hey there! We're Broca and we're working on some pretty cool stuff.

We started Broca in 2020 to help companies tell their story better. You see, every successful brand has a story. When Apple says you can fit a thousand songs in your pocket, or Coke promises you happiness with every sip, it's a story.

You need a story too, but you may not have the resources of an Apple or a Coke. That's where Broca comes in. We're building tools to generate content for your all marketing and sales needs using AI, from your slogan to your blog posts. We've started with ads because that's the biggest marketing channel for most companies, but we will soon build out other products.

So sign up to use Broca or join our waitlist below for future products!

Meet The Team

Sid Bharath

CEO and Co-Founder

Previously led marketing teams at companies like Thinkific, LemonStand (acquired by Mailchimp) and Gorgias. Sid has also consulted and run ads for dozens of companies like ClickUp, Typeform, Procurify and more.

Raghuvir Kasturi

CPO and Co-Founder

Previously led full-stack, cross functional engineering teams at Movio & Pushpay to bring new product offerings to market. He's most comfortable working at the nexus between product, design, and engineering. Physicist in a past life.

Chris Barrett


At Movio and Pushpay he took big-data SAAS products from MVP to market, and led development teams as they scaled. He is highly experienced building out large-scale SAAS products and leading software development teams from the trenches.

Nan Wu

Full-Stack Engineer

At Movio he took several innovative products from MVP to market. He also took the responsibility of mentoring new team members. He is experienced building out SAAS products, and enjoy working with full-stack, crossfunctional teams.