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Connect your Google Ads account to Broca. It only takes a minute! Broca analyzes your ads and generates recommendations for new ad copy. Push the ad recommendations you like back into Google with one click!

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Broca helps you compose better ad copy, create more effective social content, and gives you insights you need for every marketing campaign. All the content on this page was created by Broca!
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Content For All Your Campaigns

Launching a new product or promoting a webinar? Describe the campaign you're creating and Broca will instantly generate all the copy you need across your marketing channels.

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Put Your Channels On Autopilot

Connect your Google Ads to Broca. Broca analyzes your ads and generates new ad suggestions. Push the ones you like back to your campaigns with one click. More channels coming soon!

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Create More Of What Works

Analyze the performance of your campaigns, see what worked, and generate more of that in the future for better results.

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