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Broca is a revolutionary new platform that uses AI to generate effective and relevant marketing content. Try our Ads product today!

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Broca Ads

Automate your Google Ads

Connect your Google Ads account to Broca. Broca constantly analyzes your ads and generates new ad suggestions. Push the ones you like back to your campaigns with one click. Never write an ad again!

Save Time

Don't waste hours writing ads. Just pick from the ones Broca generates.

Experiment More

Broca constantly generates new ad variations so you never run out of tests.

Improve ROI

Broca iterates on your best ads so your performance always improves.

1-Click Deploy

Broca integrates with Google Ads so you can push ads live with a click!

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Easy To use.

Simple to get started.

Connect your Google Ads account to Broca. It only takes a minute! Broca analyzes your ads and generates recommendations for new ad copy. Push the ad recommendations you like back into Google with one click!

Coming Soon!

We at Broca have a lot of exciting new things that we are cooking up at the kitchen, and we can't wait to share it with you!
Broca Blog

Generate New Blog Content

No more writer's block! Simply give us the brief and we will do the rest for you.

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Broca social

Create Social Media Copy

Generate content for your social media posts and ads, and deploy them with 1 click!

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